Utopia !

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The Utopian Experience

Utopia is an interactive game unlike any other on the web. The experience is entirely what you make it. Whether it's simply a way to spend a few minutes a day or an escape from the hassles of the real-world, Utopia affects different people in different ways.

In total, our users have spent well over 50 million hours playing our games over the last several years. During that time, our games have impacted lives in amazing and fantastic ways. Whether it's bringing families together or creating friendships across the world, our users' stories are unique, intriguing, and amazing. Every day, we will feature a unique story below about how Utopia has changed some of our users' lives.

I started to get hooked on the internet because of this game 8-9 years back when im still in my secondary school. Before Utopia, my friends and I are hanging out in Cyber Cafe enjoying the once proud Diablo, Starcraft and Counter Strike until we get raided by the school discipline teacher :P. Then out of nowhere someone started to introduce this game among our school members. The reign of utopia starts in the school until person in charge of the computers in school have to ban the website but then we ( smart ass ) still manage to get on the website.

My friends and I played from noob to noober, from a player in a kingdom into a full friend kingdom then we get mass deleted for cheating lol ! This probably stop most of us from playing. Some of us continue to play on and off for couple years until the year 2008 when chairboy this fellow started to recruit us back to the game.When we are so into the game, this fellow left us ...... lol ...

Even though, we play on and are now in a kingdom mostly consist of wtf Malaysians and Singaporeans. Do COME CHALLENGE US !

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Translated using google translate and some personal modification for non-mandarin reader(ori script at bottom) :P Hope you guys enjoy reading it.

Buffett nearly save the world?
Buffett (Warren Buffett), there is a forgotten voice mail that may save Lehman Brothers a few months ago? Revealed by Mr. Buffett longtime friend, Fortune magazine senior editor Loomis.

It can be imagined for a whole year before that crazy weekend(financial world collapse), Buffett received a large number of calls for help. American International Group (AIG) are eager to raise 18 billion U.S. dollars of funds, pleading for Buffett to lend a helping hand. Buffett told them that, do not waste time on me, I can not do anything for you.

Saturday evening around 6 pm, when Buffett is on the way to Edmonton, Canada to participate in a social activity, he received a call from Barclays Capital's Bob Diamond. Diamond is planning to buy Lehman Brothers, which will pull Lehman back from the brink of bankruptcy, but the British Government is giving him some difficulties. Diamond came up with another plan in the hope Buffett can provide guarantees in order to facilitate smooth transactions. Buffett believes that this trading scheme sounds too complicated, and is difficult for him to discuss through a brief telephone call.So Buffett allow Diamond to fax him the details. When Buffett went back to the hotel room during midnight, he was surprised to find that nothing was sent to him. Lehman Brothers collapsed, the global financial system had gone into a full-scale crisis within a few days.

Voice mail discovered 10 months later...
One day, Buffett asked his daughter Susan what does the small icon in his phone represents: You know what this means? He admitted that he had never truly understand their own cell phone's basic functions. Results, this is the voice mail for Warren Buffett from the Diamond. (This raises another question: Why did Diamond not use the fax as Buffett said?) We all know during the crisis peak Buffett has answer the many phone calls. Sometimes, he would agree to help the panic financiers with a high return.

In the most serious financial crisis last fall, when Buffett injected 5 billion USD into Goldman Sachs Group and receive a cumulative dividend rate of 10% preference shares. Two weeks later, Buffett also received a General Electric (GE) preferred stock and permanent warrants.

Perhaps the moral of the story is that you never want to find yourself in such a situation - matter of survival that depends entirely on an old man's mobile phone. On the other hand, all technical issues aside, you may still say Buffett's such use of mobile phones during the financial crisis is really "an extremely clever feat."

Original Mandarin Version
巴菲特(Warren Buffett)手機中有一個被遺忘數月的語音郵件能夠拯救雷曼兄弟(Lehman Brothers)?




週六傍晚6時左右,當巴菲特準備出門參加加拿大埃德蒙頓的一個社交活動時,他接到了巴克萊資本(Barclays Capital)主管戴蒙德(Bob Diamond)的電話。戴蒙德正打算收購雷曼兄弟,將雷曼從破產邊緣拉回來,但他在英國政府那裡遇到了困難。







在去年秋天金融危機最嚴重的時候,巴菲特向高盛集團(Goldman Sachs)注資50億美元,得到了股息率10%的累積優先股。兩週之後,巴菲特還獲得了通用電器(GE)的永久優先股和認股權證。


Source: http://biz.sinchew-i.com/node/27287

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Kiss A Girl

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Get to know this song when im creating a slideshow in www.slide.com..... it kept on playing for like 20 times and woot, the music suits my ear :)

Keith Urban : Kiss A Girl

To kiss and tell
It's just not my style.
But the night is young,
And it's been a while.
And she broke my heart,
Broke it right in two.
And it's fixing time,
But I'm feeling like I'm finally ready to
Find, find somebody new.
I wanna kiss a girl,
I wanna hold her tight,
And maybe make a little magic in the moonlight.
Don't wanna go too far
Just to take it slow,
But I shouldn't be lonely in this big ol' world.
I wanna kiss a girl.

It's that moment when
You start closing in.
First you're holding back,
Then surrendering.
It can start a fire,
Light up the sky.
Such a simple thing,
Do you wanna try?
Are you ready to
Say goodbye
To all these rules?
I wanna kiss a girl,
I wanna hold her tight,
And maybe make a little magic in the moonlight.
Don't wanna go too far
Just to take it slow,
But I shouldn't be lonely in this big ol' world.
I wanna kiss a girl.

'Cause, baby, tonight
It could turn into the rest of our lives.
Oh yeah.
Are you ready?
(Are you ready?)
Are you ready
(Are you ready)
To cross that line?
Put your lips on mine.
Put your lips on mine, baby.

Do you wanna try?
Are you ready to
Say goodbye
To all these rules?

I wanna kiss a girl,
I wanna hold her tight,
And maybe make a little magic, baby.
Don't wanna go too far
Just to take it slow,
I don't want to be lonely,
I shouldn't be lonely.
I wanna kiss a girl,
I wanna hold her tight,
And maybe make a little magic in the moonlight.
Don't wanna go too far
Just to take it slow,
But I shouldn't be lonely in this big ol' world.
I wanna kiss a girl.

I said I wanna kiss a girl.
Whoa-ho whoa-ho
I wanna kiss a girl.
I wanna hold her tight,
I wanna make a little magic
Out under the moonlight.

Oooh I wanna kiss her now.

Source: http://www.lyricsreg.com/lyrics/keith+urban/Kiss+A+Girl/

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Who Pets?

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Play, create and share!

In the world of Pet Society you and your pet can have a great time! You can play games, decorate your house and even bring gifts for your friends when you visit them.

You can enjoy many different games and activities in Pet Society, playing ball, jumping with your skipping rope or going on treasure hunts for coins in the city. For those who like to compete you can take part in contests against other pets at the Pet Stadium!

This is Pet Society !
As a facebook playa, you can be ignorant who the prime minister is but you MUST know what is Pet Society ! 17,528,178 monthly active users in facebook alone and 63% of my total contacts is a pet society playa !

Pet Society is a casual social game to spend your time. What is a social game?
A game that
- lets you interact with other players(multiplayer)
- low brain power usage
- notification to keep track of others doing
- no win or lose
- fun ~

You start with a naked pet in a naked house. You earn some coins by bathing your friends, picking trash, pooping etc. You buy accessories, decoration etc with your coins. New items added into the game now and then, you repeat the process to get coins to buy those fancy stuff :D

Recently there is a Rainbow Poo "Festival" in Pet Society. The once unique rainbow poo can be obtained easily using some "tools". Woot! Every game needs some cheats to boost the game play ^^

"tools" link

Are you a Pet Society addict ? ^^

Signs of an addict...
  • You feel intense pleasure and guilt when playing Pet Society. 
  • You lie about how much time you spend on Pet Society.
  • Your profile on Facebook resembles all Pet Society notification.
  • You curse loudly at your computer when your pet falls during a hurdles race.
  • You neglect to clean your real house, favoring to decorate your pet’s house instead.
  • You think that a pink Christmas tree is classy.
  • Your real cat/dog/lizard is wondering where the hell dinner is.
  • You have multiple accounts on Facebook so that your pet can have more “friends.” Or, you have taken over your boyfriend’s/husband’s/ girlfriend’s/wife’s Facebook account so that your pet can visit his/her pet.
  • Pet poo excites you.
  • When you hug someone in the real world, you fantasize that person to have a huge round head and a stubby body like your imaginary pet
    Source: http://petsocietyanonymous.com/pet-society-overdose-are-you
    Happy "Petting"

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    100 Uniques !

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    Pretty excited to hit 92 uniques visitors in 5 days. Pretty busy lately + no dark thoughts popping in my head which caused my aim of 1 post/day to crumble and lies in ruins :P

    Any suggestions for me? Peace

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    Dark Thoughts
    Smokin ~ Im ok with a person smoking but NEVER... NEVER smoke in public places especially restaurants and kopitiam. Imagine while you are trying to enjoy your food, smelling the fragrance of your fried rice when a flock of choking dark clouds breezed through it..... LOL. Probably the first thing to pop up from your mind will be "$()@*#$(@*$" .

    About the disgusting pictures on the box, i doubt any smokers will give a damn about it :D. If someone wants to smoke, he/she will still continue to smoke with or without the pictures.

    2009-09-13 18:28

















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    Where Got Ghost ?

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    A comedy ghost story to make you scared till laugh and vice versa .... The movie is divided into three , 1) roadside ghost 2) jungle ghost 3) home ghost. To fully enjoy the funny jokes in the movie, please... understand hokkien and mandarin :D

    1) Roadside Ghost
    A story about a man that con his way to wealth and then ...
    - Hmm, the starting of the story is funny but a very bad ending :P , potong steam style.

    2) Jungle Ghost
    Two army buddies joke their way through forest and get themselves into great trouble.
    - The humour conversation between the two buddies are so familiar to me as those are the "cock" talks in our daily conversation. But the ending sucks as well :P, potong steam !

    3) Home Ghost
    Mama ghost visit three brothers :D
    - This story is the climax of the movie... In the cinema, i can see the audiences laugh till scream or scream till laugh.. LOL. Unexpected appearance of mama ghost and its funny expression really ticks us. The ending is better than the other two so we wont have a feeling that something is missing after the movie, kudos !

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