Discount vs Revenue

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Restaurant offering 10% discounts to new unique guests to it. Does this mean they will suffer a 10% loss in revenue?

Do enlighten me , thanks :)

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Interesting Conversation?

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DP: msia ppl's buying power so low :P , 10years ago salary rm1500 , now oso rm1500 , LOL , wtf !?

KY: You know what reason pro said? because hor, last time men come out work, luiyan(woman) stay at home sapu lantai, now hor women come out work liao, we have to take half your salary to pay them, you go marry them, then your salary become full again, understand le ma boy. LOL.

DP: dem , no wife de dem cham :D , get urself a rich wife aHHH!!!

KY: More ppl work, your salary will become lower de, this is Msia policy. Wait eat grass bah.

DP: tats why i duwan work lo , for other ppl's welfare , mcb , shud give me nobel prize :D

KY: Time to hand over the task for luiyan(wife) to do it, I at home feed ginna(children).

DP: hehe , i help her take care pet society ;)

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