Do you believe in faith?

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faith is a funny thing , it turns up when you least expect it

Okay, lately im stick watching Grey Anatomy, so this is one of the quotes in the many series of it. Been having lots of problems in my job lately, partners quitting, new members joining, project stranded, clients yelling, parents mumblings etc etc. Just when you are getting pissed to the max by this problems, faith comes, problems slowly dissolved. :)

Partners Quit  --- New partners volunteered to join in.
Project Stranded --- New members join in and help to push the project.
Clients rejecting proposal --- Accepted the proposal after a few more talks.
Parents mumbling --- Yam a few time Cha (Have a drink together in Cantonese), problem solved.

Have some faith ~ Good Day~

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ASK your BOSS !

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Once upon a time (typical starting for a story) .... Boss and Pro is having a conversation...

Boss  : Pro, you are no longer my only candidate for the Chief post.
Pro   : How can you do this to me? Im your best employee! I have the highest success rate in solving cases!
Boss : Pro, ask me why i make this decision.
Pro   : You... (walks away angrily)
Boss : Sigh...

After a day... Pro makes up his mind to consult his boss on his problem.

Pro   : Why? Tell me why?
Boss : You only do what you are told or need to do.
          You do not spend even 1 minute on doing extra stuffs.
          You do not impress me.
Pro   : ....

Are you complaining about your boss about a promotion?
Are you the pro guy/gal in the office?
Do you walk the extra mile to impress your boss?
Do you ask your boss what you did wrong or right?
Will you change your attitude or keep on whining? 

Heighten your pillow and give it a thought :)

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