know NO boundary

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Boundary don't keep people out, it just fence you in, if you are willing to take the step out ,the view is SPECTACULAR

Watching Grey Anatomy, the narrator was setting bound, drawing lines on what she will do or will not do in her life. In the end, these lines/boundaries limited her abilities, limiting herself to accept new friendship, being alone to handle problems, troubles. Luckily, she managed to take the step out from the boundary. Well, Life is Spectacular :)

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Leech in KangKung!!

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I received this forwarded email from my aunt, after reading it... i think my love towards kangkung takes a dive....

So guys and girls, do MAKE SURE the kangkung is CUT into small pieces then FRIED/BOILED at high temperature before you consume it. Who knows what insect is breeding in them :S:S

This is the email i received ..

Dear All,

I would like to confirm that the message below is true as one of my niece's
girl friend died because her stomach was filled with leeches when the doctor
operated her stomach.  Unfortunately due to too many leeches, the doctor
could not save her and she died.

According to my niece, this young girl was only about 23 - 25 yrs old and
she liked to eat the Kang Kong with sotong (cuttlefish) at hawker stalls.
The doctor said that the leeches were in the stem of the kang kong and
started to multiplied in her stomach.  She started with stomach ache and
diarrhoea symptom too.

I supposed we can still eat this veg provided we buy those grew on the
ground with roots.  Those kang kong grows on the water are those have higher chance for the leech to enter the stem the moment the farmer harvest the plant and cut the stem for sale. The leech is only accessable to those stems with openings.  Another suggestion is we should not drink any cold drink or better not to drink any water after consuming the veg so that our stomach acid might be strong enough to kill it.

Take care and have a good day!


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