Thoughts and Actions

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Have anyone faced this problem before??

You have tonnes of great ideas and you are assigning those ideas to be put in action to your colleagues/friends/family/employee etc. But the dexterity in accomplishing the jobs are always a let down :). Probably the anxious in waiting your idea to become successful is making the wait intolerable..........

Final advise, do not think of a job can be dealt easily until it is complete... you will always get stunned by how complicate the job is :)

Say No to Procrastination

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Discount vs Revenue

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Restaurant offering 10% discounts to new unique guests to it. Does this mean they will suffer a 10% loss in revenue?

Do enlighten me , thanks :)

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Interesting Conversation?

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DP: msia ppl's buying power so low :P , 10years ago salary rm1500 , now oso rm1500 , LOL , wtf !?

KY: You know what reason pro said? because hor, last time men come out work, luiyan(woman) stay at home sapu lantai, now hor women come out work liao, we have to take half your salary to pay them, you go marry them, then your salary become full again, understand le ma boy. LOL.

DP: dem , no wife de dem cham :D , get urself a rich wife aHHH!!!

KY: More ppl work, your salary will become lower de, this is Msia policy. Wait eat grass bah.

DP: tats why i duwan work lo , for other ppl's welfare , mcb , shud give me nobel prize :D

KY: Time to hand over the task for luiyan(wife) to do it, I at home feed ginna(children).

DP: hehe , i help her take care pet society ;)

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Do you believe in faith?

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faith is a funny thing , it turns up when you least expect it

Okay, lately im stick watching Grey Anatomy, so this is one of the quotes in the many series of it. Been having lots of problems in my job lately, partners quitting, new members joining, project stranded, clients yelling, parents mumblings etc etc. Just when you are getting pissed to the max by this problems, faith comes, problems slowly dissolved. :)

Partners Quit  --- New partners volunteered to join in.
Project Stranded --- New members join in and help to push the project.
Clients rejecting proposal --- Accepted the proposal after a few more talks.
Parents mumbling --- Yam a few time Cha (Have a drink together in Cantonese), problem solved.

Have some faith ~ Good Day~

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ASK your BOSS !

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Once upon a time (typical starting for a story) .... Boss and Pro is having a conversation...

Boss  : Pro, you are no longer my only candidate for the Chief post.
Pro   : How can you do this to me? Im your best employee! I have the highest success rate in solving cases!
Boss : Pro, ask me why i make this decision.
Pro   : You... (walks away angrily)
Boss : Sigh...

After a day... Pro makes up his mind to consult his boss on his problem.

Pro   : Why? Tell me why?
Boss : You only do what you are told or need to do.
          You do not spend even 1 minute on doing extra stuffs.
          You do not impress me.
Pro   : ....

Are you complaining about your boss about a promotion?
Are you the pro guy/gal in the office?
Do you walk the extra mile to impress your boss?
Do you ask your boss what you did wrong or right?
Will you change your attitude or keep on whining? 

Heighten your pillow and give it a thought :)

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know NO boundary

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Boundary don't keep people out, it just fence you in, if you are willing to take the step out ,the view is SPECTACULAR

Watching Grey Anatomy, the narrator was setting bound, drawing lines on what she will do or will not do in her life. In the end, these lines/boundaries limited her abilities, limiting herself to accept new friendship, being alone to handle problems, troubles. Luckily, she managed to take the step out from the boundary. Well, Life is Spectacular :)

Photo Source:

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Leech in KangKung!!

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I received this forwarded email from my aunt, after reading it... i think my love towards kangkung takes a dive....

So guys and girls, do MAKE SURE the kangkung is CUT into small pieces then FRIED/BOILED at high temperature before you consume it. Who knows what insect is breeding in them :S:S

This is the email i received ..

Dear All,

I would like to confirm that the message below is true as one of my niece's
girl friend died because her stomach was filled with leeches when the doctor
operated her stomach.  Unfortunately due to too many leeches, the doctor
could not save her and she died.

According to my niece, this young girl was only about 23 - 25 yrs old and
she liked to eat the Kang Kong with sotong (cuttlefish) at hawker stalls.
The doctor said that the leeches were in the stem of the kang kong and
started to multiplied in her stomach.  She started with stomach ache and
diarrhoea symptom too.

I supposed we can still eat this veg provided we buy those grew on the
ground with roots.  Those kang kong grows on the water are those have higher chance for the leech to enter the stem the moment the farmer harvest the plant and cut the stem for sale. The leech is only accessable to those stems with openings.  Another suggestion is we should not drink any cold drink or better not to drink any water after consuming the veg so that our stomach acid might be strong enough to kill it.

Take care and have a good day!


Image from

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In a TV interview show, the host was asking a question. The guest gave a response, it would be a normal answer but the host manage to pop up a counter in such short time and make the show livelier.

The guest was jumping up and down after receiving the 2nd question from the host :D
Host: So you make love 3 times a day like eating?
Audiences laugh :D
Guest: haha , you got me !

Emo Source:

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Community Building

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What do you guys think?
Any shortcuts or tips to hasten it?
Do share it....

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Money enough meh !!?

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Probably you think im expecting too many things in my life.

Why get a car when there is public transportation??
Why you want internet connection at home?? Use it during work time la..
Why spend so much on food?? Gardenia la !
Why use handphone?? Use telekom la !
Why give parents money?? Earn enough only give la !

Aint that basic requirements ??

Boss !  I Need A Raise !!

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Curious about the title? This post is based on the coming movie 2012 which describes the end of world on 12/12/2012.
What will you do if that times comes?
Will you cry?
Will you accept the fate?
Will you try to save yourself?
Share it with us.

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Security get Pawned

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Just for Laugh~

Is our security guards well trained? professional to counter the bad guys in the street? well armed with protective gears or weapons?

Can you mention any security guards that is doing a good/bad job out there?

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The Eggs ...

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Chicken eggs will cost less in Peninsular Malaysia from Monday said the Federation of Livestock Farmers’ Associations of Malaysia.

Wow Wow, happy eggy day~ Seriously will this minor price change benefits the wide consumers around Malaysia ?

Just for Laugh ~

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Just for Laugh ~
Emo Souce:

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Yoohoo~ Election

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It's Umno vs PAS in Bagan Pinang ! 


(Click to enlarge)

Just for laugh ~
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Donation for Leukemia

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This girl was Jit Sin High School student, she needs a sum of RM200,000 to undergo bone marrow cell transplantation to cure her leukemia, please share this link with your friends and families

Below is the Guang Ming Daily address if  you would like to donate through Wang Pos or Check, please specify her name Yeoh Yen Kee at the back of check:

Address 67, Jalan Macalister,10400 Penang.
Person In Charge: Ms Lye
Phone: 604-2226783

Maybank Account Number: 107228093292 Yeoh Yen Kee


優異生患血癌需20萬移植骨髓 | 光明日報
她 病發後,醫生表示化療已無法壓制癌細胞,必須盡快進行骨髓移植手術。由於馬來西亞、新加坡及台灣都找不到適合她的骨髓,醫生只能往美國尋找,是本地比較罕 見的例子。雖然已經找到骨髓,運輸費及骨髓費價格不菲,大約需要9萬美金(約31萬3200令吉),骨髓一旦抵馬,她即在安邦醫院進行手術。


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Nail on Chair

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Long long time ago, God imbued a nail on a chair.... Different races will have different reaction upon seating on the chair.

Race M sat on the chair, jumped up and shouted: The government is responsible for my loss !
Race C sat on the chair, stood up and yelled: I will report this to the press !
Race I sat on the chair: hmm .....
God is curious and asked Race I: Why you didn't react?
Race I: There is a reason the nail is there, do not fight it, just accept it...

And so God gave the races each a special gift via their reaction.
God gave M a government. So if M is in any problem, it will be the government's problem.
God gave C many press. So if C is in trouble, it will be the press's trouble.
God gave I a Bollywood as they seems to be working fine and are not in any trouble.

And for many years the 3 races lives happily together.
The government solves all the problem faced by M. M lives their life with little to fear.
The various newspapers provides a platform for C to voice out their troubles and quarrels about it. But not solving it.
I endure all the troubles and problems. No matter how tough reality was, I can always escape into the fantasy land of Bollywood.

Until one day ...
A guy call Sothi from race I jumped up and shouted pain after seating on the chair with the imbued nail. He violated the race's taboo. He was sentenced to never talk again and not to sit on chair for three months ....

There is a reason why the nail is on the chair....

Translated from 郑丁贤, 若轻

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Not Murder !

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The moral of the story is to maintain a healthy body and do not get bash by anyone. Why?

  1. Its pain to get bashed =.=
  2. The bash might break some parts of your body.
  3. The broken parts might not kill you instantly but may in 4 days and the person that bashed you will probably get away with the murder charge.
  4. Hmm.. im just blattering... too free :P

Why the inspection is not charged with murder?
Attorney-General Abdul Ghani (right) issued a statement last night, explained that due to Kugan is not immediately dead after the torture, the Attorney General's Office cannot charge Naweidelan with murder. 

"I found out that the deceased assisted the police investigation from January 16 to 20 (4-days period), to bring officers to four different locations. Thus, there is no evidence to suggest that the deceased was killed immediately. On the contrary, the deceased was wounding for four days before death. " 

"Therefore, this interval in a number of days, it is not possible to invoke murder charges against the suspects. Medical report cannot show that the deceased died of injuries, but show heart viral infection which caused acute myocarditis and lead to death."





Translate via google translate

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Bad Day.... ish !

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Some bad news, bad weather, bad headache, bad internet line and this "bad" song.....


Where is the moment we needed the most
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost
You tell me your blue skies fade to grey
You tell me your passion's gone away
And I don't need no carryin' on

You stand in the line just to hit a new low
You're faking a smile with the coffee to go
You tell me your life's been way off line
You're falling to pieces everytime
And I don't need no carryin' on

Because you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

Well, you need a blue sky holiday
The point is they laugh at what you say
And I don't need no carryin' on

You had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day

(Oh.. Holiday..)

Sometimes the system goes on the blink
And the whole thing turns out wrong
You might not make it back and you know
That you could be well oh that strong
And I'm not wrong (ahhh...)

So where is the passion when you need it the most
Oh, you and I
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost

'Cause you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
You've seen what you like
And how does it feel for one more time
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

(Oh, yeah, yeaaah, yeah)
Had a bad day
(Oh, had a bad day)
Had a bad day
(Oh, yeah, yeah, yeeeeah)
Had a bad day
(Oh, had a bad day)
Had a bad day...
Had a bad day...


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Bored of daily routine work? Bored of your boss's daily blablabla?

Should You Be An Entrepreneur?

Studies of successful entrepreneurs reveal common
characteristics—family backgrounds, experiences, motivations, personality traits, behaviors,
values, and beliefs. How do you fit these patterns? What is your E.Q. (Entrepreneurial Quotient)?
Northwestern Mutual Life has created the following test to predict how suited you are to entrepreneurship.
This test cannot predict your success—it can only give you an idea whether you will have a head
start or a handicap with which to work. Entrepreneurial skills can be learned. The test is intended to
help you see how you compare with others who have been successful entrepreneurs.

Add or subtract your score as you evaluate yourself:
  1. Significantly high numbers of entrepreneurs are children of first-generation
    Americans. If your parents immigrated to the United States, score one. If not, score minus one.
  2. Successful entrepreneurs are not, as a rule, top achievers in school.
    If you were a top student, subtract four. If not, add four.
  3. Entrepreneurs are not especially enthusiastic about participating in group
    activities in school. If you enjoyed group activities—clubs, team sports, double dates—subtract
    one. If not, add one.
  4. Studies of entrepreneurs show that, as youngsters, they often preferred
    to be alone. Did you prefer to be alone as a youngster? If so, add one. If not, subtract one.
  5. Those who started enterprises during childhood—lemonade stands, family
    newspapers, greeting card sales—or ran for elected office at school can add two, because enterprise
    usually can be traced to an early age. If you didn't initiate enterprises, subtract two.
  6. Stubbornness as a child seems to translate into determination to do things
    one's own way—a hallmark of proven entrepreneurs. If you were stubborn as a child, add one. If not,
    subtract one.
  7. Caution may involve an unwillingness to take risks, a handicap for those
    embarking on previously uncharted territory. Were you a cautious youngster? If yes, deduct four. If no, add
  8. If you were daring or adventuresome, add four more.
  9. Entrepreneurs often have the faith to pursue different paths despite the
    opinions of others. If the opinions of others matter a lot to you, subtract one. If not, add one.
  10. Being tired of a daily routine often precipitates an entrepreneur's
    decision to start an enterprise. If changing your daily routine would be an important motivation for starting
    your own enterprise, add two. If not, subtract two.
  11. Yes, you really enjoy work. But are you willing to work overnight? If yes, add
    two. If no, subtract two.
  12. If you are willing to work as long as it takes with little or no sleep to finish
    a job, add four more.
  13. Entrepreneurs generally enjoy their type of work so much they move from one
    project to another—non-stop. When you complete a project successfully, do you immediately start another?
    If yes, add two. If no, subtract two.
  14. Successful entrepreneurs are willing to use their savings to finance a project.
    If you are willing to commit your savings to start a business, add two. If not, subtract two.
  15. Would you be willing to borrow from others? Then add two more. If not, subtract two.
  16. If your business should fail, would you immediately start working on another? If
    yes, add four. If no, subtract four.
  17. Or, if you would immediately start looking for a job with a regular paycheck, subtract one more.
  18. Do you believe being an entrepreneur is risky? If yes, subtract two. If no, add two.
  19. Many entrepreneurs put their long-term and short-term goals in writing. If you do, add one. If you don't,
    subtract one.
  20. Handling cash flow can be critical to entrepreneurial success. Do you believe you
    have the ability to deal with cash flow in a professional manner? If so, add two. If not, subtract two.
  21. Entrepreneurial personalities seems to be easily bored. If you are easily bored,
    add two. If not, subtract two.
  22. Optimism can fuel the drive to press for success in uncharted waters.
    If you're an optimist, add two. Pessimist, subtract two.

What's your E.Q. (Entrepreneurial Quotient)?
If you scored +35 or more, you have everything going for you. You ought to
achieve spectacular entrepreneurial success (barring acts of God or other variables beyond your control).

lf you scored +15 to +34, your background, skills and talents give you
excellent chances for success in your own business. You should go far.

If you scored 0 to +15, you have a head start of ability and/or
experience in running a business and ought to be successful in opening an enterprise of your own
if you apply yourself and learn the necessary skills to make it happen.

If you scores 0 to -15, you might be able to make a go of it if you ventured
on your own, but you would have to work extra hard to compensate for a lack of built-in advantages and skills
that give others a leg up in beginning their own business.

If you scored -15 to -43, your talents probably lie elsewhere. You ought to
consider whether building your own business is what you really want to do, because you may find yourself
swimming against the tide if you make the attempt. Another work arrangement—working for a company or for
someone else, or developing a career in a profession or an area of technical expertise—may be far more
congenial to you and allow you to enjoy a lifestyle appropriate to your abilities and interests.


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F1 logo.svg
Foreign driver likely for 1Malaysia F1 team
The 1Malaysia F1 Team for the 2010 season is likely to feature a driver with vast F1 experience to lead the charge, so a homegrown talent to spearhead the Lotus F1 Team in the debut season next year is unlikely to happen.


一个大马F1车队没我国车手份, 东尼到狮城招聘经验丰富车手


After reading this news, i feel the world is full of hope, even better if you are a Malaysian. We can form a 1Malaysia F1 team without a Malaysian driver ^^. MALAYSIA BOLEH !

I seriously hope we can form a 1Malaysia Soccer team for the coming World Cup too. Bring in some first class Brazil soccer players with winning experience into the team, voila ! We may be the next World Cup Champion !

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Impressed and craving for the retweet and facebook share button in my blog? ^^. Been surfing for some time and the retweet buttons at their post always attracted me. So i took some time to google the codes and added it to my blog.

This are the links to the blog/website i get the codes from... With some basics coding knowledge, you can setup the functions in minutes

If you are using a template blog, some lines of code maybe modified. I will share my combined retweet + facebook sharecount codes here too.

For example you may not find this code in template blog

Try looking codes like this instead..
<div class='post-body entry-content'>

Paste these few lines of codes below it. Top section will be retweet and the bottom will be facebookshare. DO SAVE your template before trying this out :)

<div style='float:right; margin-left:10px;'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
tweetmeme_url = &#39;<data:post.url/>&#39;;
<script src='' type='text/javascript'> </script>

<script>var fbShare = {
url: &#39;<data:post.url/>&#39;,
size: &#39;large&#39;,
google_analytics: &#39;false&#39;
<script src=''/>

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One of the easiest ways to spend all your free time and all your internet connection bandwidth is to --- PPSTREAM~

PPStream offers various tv programs from China, Taiwan, HongKong, Japan and Korea to American popular movies, mtvs, drama, series, documentaries. Since its target audiences is from China so there is no english version available. Do not worry about watching your favorite English series in Chinese as the language are still in English but with Chinese subtitles

- Wait 15 sec for the ads and buffering to complete and the movie/drama/series starts to play smoothly
- Many many programs for you to choose... If you are a TVB fan... You WILL get addicted to it
- 10 Most recent watched programs will be cached for second view
- Acceptable viewing quality
- Rating by users
- Comments by users
- Easy to download from the website ( 5mb size )
- Full screen compare to some p2p tv which cannot be enlarged
- TV drama/series are updated frequently and quickly
- No need to wait for download :)

- taking up bandwidth???
- taking up free time???
- ish, you can spend 24 hours daily watching different movies and you still cant finish the list !!

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wtf is shyx ???

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 <<< emo :D , add me on msn to get it = =

DP's way of saying shy with a super cute msn emoticon, yesh!
Teacher: Why are you late?
DP: i shyx
Teacher: = =
by darkprincerox on Sep 25, 2009
tags: shy,paisey,shyness,awkward,confidence

GooD NewS, i registered it on urban dictionary and waiting for their editors approval to be uploaded on the website...
So guys and gals, stop bugging me and asking wtf is shyx !!

Thanks for your definition of shyx!

Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to publish it on

It should appear on this page in the next few days:

Urban Dictionary


Edit Again:

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By popular demands, collected some Lion King songs to share with you all :) Bring back some of your childhood memories if you have watched it many times OR create your lost childhood memories if you missed this epic cartoon movie ! Do hope more Legendary level movies are produced !!


Circle of Life

I Cant Wait to be King

Hula Song

Hakuna Matata

Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Be Prepared

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Con Air

An epic prisoner escape release more than 10 years ago~ Good to see Nicholas Cage when he looks so young. Forgot most of the plots and decided to re-watch it as a bed time movie :)

At the start of the movie, this song is played - How do i live by Trisha Yearwood (Ori Singer is Leann Rimes). Slow and soothing music, thumbs up !

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Hakuna Matata ~

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Stressed lately? Lots of headache thingy bugging you? Take 4 minutes and enjoy this video, this will definitely turn some stress into desserts :)

Hakuna matata is a Swahili phrase that is literally translated as "There are no worries". It is sometimes translated as "no worries", although is more commonly used similarly to the English phrase "no problem" :)


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